Project-Festoon Co-Pilot Item List
Aircraft Outside:

Strut Mounted, or else where:

Tufting, Calibrated AOA

Yaw / Crosswind Limit

Take Off Speed Indicator
External airspeed devices
Stickers, Numbered Preflight Stations, info
Disco Ball Theory Daytime Glint Generators, Wing and Tail Tips
Zebra/Dayglow Stripes
Spinner Swirl Stickers
Prop zebra-anti flicker paint job
Dragless Mirrors

Inside Aircraft:

Comprehensive Cross Instrument Labeling
Mounted / portable Mathless Runway Length, Obstacle Clearance, Speeds, etc calculator

Mathless CG calculator, Precalculated scenarios

Mathless CG calculator, Analog calculator

Mounted Roll Chart Checklist/ POH

"Nerf " flap retract Tactile Stair

Control Wheel Column Position to Trim Speeds indicator

Window Perspective Grid, AOA, glide targets, window skid ball

SuperTactile knob covers
Other Window Stickers
Place to carry drinking Water and place to Pee
Relative Humidity Instrument to warn of impending or night obscuration. (cloud formation)
Twist Egg Timer with sunset bug?